We take pride and joy being the first Salt water specialty store in Western New York since 1992. Throughout our 25 years in business, We have helped numerous hobbyist and businesses setting up and maintaining successful Eco–reef systems or just beautiful marine fish tanks.

In the city of Tonawanda WNY, the original Salt Water Paradise was established in 1992 by Joe and Annette Kozak – a husband and wife team, who are well known in the area, and respected and loved as Salt Water Paradise. People come from out of State and all over Western New York for all their aquatic needs, personal service, expertise, advice, and Friendship.

We are best known for our variety, selection and prices of Corals, Live Rock, Fish, Anemones, Invertebrate & Crustaceans. Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist, collector or an expert, we have everything that will tickle and suit your needs. Our Corals come in different shapes, sizes &color. Ranging from frag pieces to full-size colonies. They come from exotic locations around the world. For years we have been aqua culturing colonies to help protect and preserve our eco-reef systems.

The Seahorse has become one of our many trademarks. We have been buying, selling and caring for this magnificent creature for 22 years. Our suppliers are the best when it comes to handling & dealing with them in the wild. Upon their arrival, we make sure that they are well-taken care off, healthy & eating well before selling them. They truly are magnificent. Clean up crews are always beneficial for the tanks. They are a must for every hobbyist. We always have them in stock.

Our Live Rock is outstanding.They are beaming with red & pink coralline algae. The rock comes with sponges, barnacles & clams. We sell man-made aquaculture rocks fully cycled with the deepest purple coralline algae imaginable. The color of all our live rock is fantastic.